2020-0906 – Yuri

[Yuri – Stores – BoL – NA]

In a way, Yuri already has a charm of his own, just not the type most would envision a ‘charming guy’. Yuri was soft spoken, honest, and tries to be considerate towards others, but his quirky behavior often led to him being excluded by others thus leading him to being a loner during his adolescence. Little did he know that it was those very same traits that won the affection of the kindest, and most beautiful woman he could’ve even hoped to dream of. “I’m not sure if I can be anything more. I’ve tried to be something more, but it just ended in failure. When I switched my studies from cosmetology to mortuary business, it was like those usual school-life films where there’s the black sheep of the herd, except twice as bad.”

“Being alone and not relying on anyone else seemed to be the only way I could get by. Eventually, I’ll have to ‘die’, and become someone else if I want to continue doing what I do but in my personal belief, I think I should focus on the now rather than the future. Plans for the future can always be derailed, or not go as one would wish. By getting past one more day each year, I won’t get surprised.” He probably didn’t word it the best way possible but he hoped she understood what he meant. Yuri didn’t want to plan what he could do in the next years or so. If things don’t go as he’d think, then the plan changes, but by not having a plan and simply living another day, he won’t get any unwanted surprises… at least that’s what he believes.

“If I get to spend the next half century in Gold Rose, then I’ll be more than content. It just means I’ve been doing what I love for 50 years. But… what about you? Would you be happy if you did the same thing for that long?” He turned the attention to her now, curious to get her perspective on this.

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