2020-0906 – Yuri – Pre-Reset

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“It was a pleasant event. I wish I could’ve stayed longer but I had to get home before sunrise. Taxi services can be a bit unreliable during nighttime.” He shrugged, going silent for a moment to organize his thoughts. “A new family, huh… I guess that would make sense, but from what I could see, um, it’s not necessarily the family I had in mind. D-don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I don’t wish to be a part of it or anything of that sort. Families come in all different ways, and this one is… well it sure is out there.”

Yuri felt like he just drove a stake through himself. How stupid was he to say something like that! His mind was put at slight ease when she offered him her card— another to add to the pile! He took it the white card, flipping it over to read the information. “Oh, then I guess I should give you mine? In case you ever need something.” Yuri reached into the inside pocket of his suit jacket, pulling out his own business card. It was white on both front and back, the front of the card reading ‘Golden Rose Funeral Home’ in metallic, gold lettering. The font was elegant but simple with a rose symbol behind the letters. Underlining the name of the business were some swirls and patterns, stretching out as if they were leaves or vines. On the back of the card was an address and a phone number in black ink.

“Please stop by if you need anything like, um, medical supplies?” He couldn’t think of anything someone would want from his morgue other than his embalming capabilities to, ahem, cover up a murder. With the information exchanged, Yuri stood up, taking his cosmetic box with him. “I think I should be going, it’s nearly dawn. It was nice to meet you, Ms. Ariyah. I-I wish you well on your endeavors.”

Yuri bowed his head to her in salutations and left the stores. Once the ship was docked, he’d call for a cab and head home for some well-deserved daysleep.

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