2020-0906 – Yuri

[Yuri – Stores – BoL – NA]

Yuri glanced up at Ariyah, for once looking her in the eyes but quickly went back to staring at the table. He listened to all she said about his decisions, and fear. Some of the decisions he made were out of true passion and inspiration to participate, but Yuri could safely say that 70% of his choices in his past were induced by fear. A strand of silver hair fell forward in his face, Yuri reaching up to brush it back into place. “I-I will try, Miss Ariyah.” He acknowledged her advice, taking it to heart.

He fidgeted with the hem of his gloves underneath the table. “It… it was pretty nerve-wracking to be frank. I knew there were going to be many people there, but Ms. Louella had already told the host of the party about me. I figured it would be rude if I didn’t show up and at least meet one from my own clan. I can only hope you’re willing to, um, perhaps speak to me on a regular basis?” Yuri hesitated in his request, flashing her a worried expression. His porcelain, doll-like face was warmly lit by the false fire of the room, enhancing the pale features of his complexion. If only he didn’t wear that mask, he probably would’ve looked quite charming in this setting, or perhaps the mask added to his own unique charm?

Yuri could use a good friend or two. He’s not aware of what had happened to Sean, the kindred who was hunted by the S.I, but it would appear he’s having a bad streak with meeting other kindred. First Sean, now Robert… thank goodness Louella was still around. Now that he properly met Ariyah, and a kindred from his own clan, Yuri had his hopes up that perhaps she’d like to be his friend? After all, she has given him some very useful advice and someday, he’s going to return the favor one way or another.

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