2020-0901 – Yuri

[Yuri – Lady Washington, Decks – BoL – NA]

Yuri almost looked disappointed that Lambert left… but he at least got a name and… a clan? He thinks? Yuri hasn’t heard of a thin-blood before, maybe a it was a species he wasn’t aware of? He just stared at the ground and nodded in understanding. “Oh… goodbye, sir.” He mumbled, giving out a shaky exhale. Now that it was just the two of them, Yuri felt slightly more at ease, though the crushing realization it was just him and Ariyah started to dawn on him. Oh man, if he does something to blunder this, it’ll be all the attention on him.

He stammered some random little noises, his tense shoulders slouching in defeat. “Oh, you were? I’m sorry, I didn’t really get to chance to speak with you or analyze your face so I… um, I wasn’t able to recognize who was there or not.” That’s a weird way of putting it but it’s how Yuri came to remember people.

“I don’t do so well in crowds… and this is my first time on a boat that I can actually feel it moving so, um, yeah just don’t mind me. Please, don’t.” Yuri almost sounded like he was begging her to pay no attention to his oddities, or him in general. He heard the crew make their calls, the sails untied and the ship slowly leaving port.

“Ooooh no… no no no…” Sweet precious land come back! Yuri watched from the railing as they drifted away from the mainland. Well! Now he was stuck on a vessel of possible Final Death… “uh, why are we going away from land? Why?”

Before he could get an answer, he had noticed that a majority of the kindred had left for the lower decks. Maybe he should follow in their stead, they seemed to know a lot more about what’s going on than he does. “Pardon me, but I think we should be heading down?” He feebly pointed towards the stairway that led beneath.

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