2020-0901 – Toby – Pre-Reset

[Toby – Post Ashes Gallery – Bar – BoL – Pre Reset]

Tobias seemed excited to say the least when he spoke about books. Such a passion shown on another face let alone voice brought joy to Toby. This night is the night he’ll truly remember. This is exactly what he needed.

“The way you describe your book only makes me want to get it even more. I’ll also have to remember that bookstores name to check out their other books.”

Toby turned his attention, and watched as the man that inteoduced himself as Michael from earlier approached the three of them. He gave the newer face of the group a light hearted closed smile. As he mentioned the art gallery Toby did look towards that way. He has no doubt that the art is amazing. He placed his wine glass down onto the bar.

“No need to apologize, the more the merrier. I have to agree with you as well our host truly did astonishing job.”

*Michael brought up an unknown name to Toby, he listened as Tobias answered his question. It’s common for one to always pretend to be another clan, mostky when they feel there is no trust in the other person or if they just met. One could use someone’s clan for their advantage, depending on the person. Toby never did really care about lying though.

Toby’s eyes went back to Michael to see an unpleased look on his face. Or perhaps it was disappointment? When Michael turned towards Ariyah and him, Toby tilt his head a little to the side. When Michael tore out a piece of paper from his sketchbook and handed it to Toby he took the paper without any arguments or hesitation.*

“I’d be glad to keep in touch with you. Helping, especially when it comes to art. Are you perhaps an artist? If you don’t mind me asking that is.”

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