Toreador Meetup – Location Info and Pictures

Post Ashes Gallery

Area 1: Bar Location

This area is where the bar is; it has the stock of Hadriana’s blood wine and beer that Tobias’ sire has kindly funded for the occasional. The blood wine will be ideal for drinking make one feel intoxication depending on how much they drink. There are tables and bar stool to sit and chat.

There is a piano and microphone if any of the Toreadors feel inclined to stop the ambient music for some of their own.

  • Dex + Performance for Piano
  • Charisma + Performance for singing

*Careful with awe… this is a clan with auspex

Area 2: Gallery and Arcade

Yes the oddest juxtaposition, but it is a quirk Seattle locale. There is an art gallery to view various pieces of art from local artists, and some brought in from all over the state. Obviously don’t touch the art, but do admire it.

At the end of the hall are arcade machines with various games.

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