2020-0824 – Jackson

[Jackson: Elysium – Prereset, BoL]

There was a raise of the eyebrows at first. His first thought was that her sire had met Final Death, a common occurrence these night with the Second Inquisition burning down havens and the Cam becoming more particular with whom they associate with. He was preparing to offer her condolences, but then she corrected herself. “Oh yes, I understand what you mean. I did jump to some conclusion but thank you for the clarification. Yes after my tutelage and release into kindred society my sire also left.” Good Riddance to that man, a true Tyrant of the clan, a good teacher and sire, but a crappy personality. Though he knew better than to bad mouth his sire in Elysium

“I like to find out where the stories of kindred are and what is just the chaos of the world. Not to be dramatic. I find the news industry very useful for us, especially if someone makes a mistake and lets the wrong person see their supernatural powers. Burying stories, and such are a skill for me.” He paused and considered. “Yes humans can be just as bad as kindred. We have them beat on inhumane cruelty though let me tell you.”

Jackson couldn’t help but chuckle at this question he got so much about. The truth in the media, the facts, the narrative; it just had so many so interested. “I like to see the facts. Narrative and truth aren’t the same thing, but they also aren’t mutually exclusive. I can better share my method. If I am writing a regular story. I will get as many facts, and point of views as I can. I will try to piece together what I have to lay out the events from the point of view of my facts. It is up to the readers to take that, inform themselves. Some investigate on their own, some ignore it, others get into Twitter wars about it.”

There was a chuckle. “If it is kindred related I’m lying my ass off. Vampires don’t exist” He said with a grin. “What about you? Do you have a vocation?”

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