2020-0822 – Jackson

[Jackson: Elysium – BoL, A]

“Pleasure to meet you Ms. Daniels. It is one of the many wonders of Elysium isn’t it? Able to so easily meet others like us with too much worry or stress.” He said, bringing his hand to meet hers with a polite handshake. He hadn’t met too many roses in the city, though most domains had fields of them. Perhaps it was one of the results of keeping his interest invested more so in the mundane day-to-day affairs of mortals over that of kindred. Well this was his effort to be more in step with the kindred society, even in such trying times.

“Yes, being third wheel a fate worse than death at any social gathering. I’m glad I could save you from such a purgatory.” He chuckled, it was the very reason he approached the bar after all. What was a fate worse than being surrounding by people, but still being on the outside of conversation. Such an awkward desolate state to be in. “Tell me what brings you out to Elysium today? I came out here tonight for a change of scenery and see who was new on the scene. I don’t know everyone, but you fit that bill. You are new to me anyway. Are you new to the city or do I just have to get out more?”

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