2020-0822 – Jackson

[Jackson: Elysium – BoL, A]

“Please, that would do me too much honor. Besides we are supposed to dress down for Elysium. My suit of Armor is at the cleaners.” He said with a humored smile returned to the rose. He listened to her, a new arrival to the Emerald city. A neonate too, only recently released. Jackson swore this domain erred on the side of the young. Not necessarily a bad thing, probably a credit to Seattle…if they were all responsible. “Let me be one to welcome you to the Neonate club. Though I am sure your sire has already given you the whole welcome wagon.”

“How do you think it feels for someone who works in the news industry?” He said with a touch of cheekiness creeping into his face. Well taking her words into account he figured there was something that happened the night past that travelled through the city. Chinatown was a grab bag of breaches and such, though the assault on the beach. The Beach was obviously a kindred thing, unless a garou was wigging out. “I get the gossip twofold. A drunk sees someone lifting a dumpster, here we hear it was a rogue kindred breaking the masquerade. A stabbing turns out to be hungry fledgling, etc, etc. Though the heavy news day that recently happened, I can only speculate if they are or aren’t kindred related. Sadly not able confirm anything.”

He leaned on the bar, curious of her choice to want to know about these unfortunate or reckless kindred. “Though such things are usually warning signs of who to avoid. Are you just curious or want to know who to avoid?”

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