2020-0804 – Ariyah

[Ariyah – Fremont – Gasworks Gallery – BoL – NA]

[Wake Roll: Success | BoL Roll: Fail | Hunger: 1 —> 2]

Ariyah gnawed on her lips.
The bespectacled woman had been at her studio, busy working on the design for Laura’s apartment and had completely forgotten the time. Now, she was due to meet with Laura in an hour, and Ariyah had yet to feed; she didn’t have time to troll the art scene looking for a suitable candidate.
Her hunger was knocking at the back of her mind, and the Ariyah wondered whether she could slake her thirst on her new client. She quickly banished the idea; this was a Camarilla-assigned client, who knew what the consequences of
that were.

Ariyah was packing her things when she remembered the nervous building-manager-slash-artist she had met when she first rented her studio. Kalvin’s blood was surprisingly sweet, and his workshop was just in the next building…

The Asian Toreador left her studio and wandered over to the frontmost building of the Gasworks Gallery. The main corridor of the building was lined with doors on either side, and some of them were opened, the sound of music and voices drifting out – the resident artists of Gasworks Gallery were a late-night bunch.
Kalvin’s studio was near the back of the building, near the door that connected to the warehouse where Ariyah’s studio was located.

[Awe Activated]

The brown-haired woman knocked on the door, wondering whether Kalvin was in, and switching on her charm in preparation. She noticed some of the artists crossing the hall had turned to look at her. Ariyah knew that word had gotten around the gallery that she had rented one of the “fancier” studios and had splurged money to get it outfitted to her satisfaction; even now, metal roller shutters were being installed over the windows. She was also aware that Robert had made it known to some of the others that she was “connected” and could get people’s work “noticed” by clients – if you got on her good side.
Ariyah didn’t mind the rumours; it helped her establish her hold over the gallery all the quicker.

The door in front of her opened, and a tall, gangly blonde stuck out his head. Kalvin’s expression brightened when he saw Ariyah.

“Ariyah, what a pleasant surprise! Did you need help with something? Oh no, is something wrong with your studio? Please don’t tell me something is wrong with the studio…”

Ariyah didn’t answer, pushing past the bewildered young artist and closing the door behind her. The young man was flustered and nervous, and Ariyah didn’t want to waste the opportunity.
She wrapped her arms around Kalvin’s neck and pulled him down for a kiss. Although bewildered, he responded eagerly nonetheless. Ariyah turned to nuzzle Kalvin’s neck and, extending her fangs, bit down. The tall man shuddered at the sudden sensation rolling through his body, and slumped forward, pressing further into Ariyah’s embrace.

Just like last time, the young man’s nervous disposition made his blood minty sweet and Ariyah revelled in the taste – the only thing that still taste like anything to her now – and felt her hunger dissipate, a little.

[Herd | Fleeting Melancholy | Hunger: 2 —> 1]

She had just licked the wound closed when Kalvin pulled back slightly, a bemused look in his green eyes, “What was…”

“Shhh,” Ariyah shushed, placing one finger on his lips. “Any questions and this stops happening. You don’t want this to stop, do you?”

She could tell that Kalvin didn’t want to stop “this” from happening, even though he wasn’t sure what “this” was. He shook his head mutely, and Ariyah felt her lips pull up in a smile.
She had considered wiping the artist’s memory like she did last time, and was even prepared to do it if he had answered differently. But now she didn’t have to bother, and she looked at the confused young man in front of her with fondness.
She had similar arrangements like this back when she was in Melbourne – although a larger group than she had now – but since she came to Seattle, she had been hesitant to acquire one. Maybe it was because she wasn’t entirely sure she would…could…settle here.
But, she was working on a project that could directly influence her standing in Seattle’s Camarilla – and expanding her business in the process – her art studio was beginning to take shape, and… she was slowly gathering a group of easily manipulated individuals.

Her Sire would be proud.
Her heart gave a tight squeeze as she remembered Jasper’s guidance in the formation of her first herd, and his influence backing her commercial success. Now, she had to do it all again, without her lover by her side. She fingered the ring hanging from a chain around her neck.

Ariyah sighed, now was not the time for reminiscing.
She gave Kalvin a quick peck on the cheek, the poor man was still woozy and reeling from what just had happened, and opened the door behind her.
“I’ll call you.” She said as she slipped through the opening. She didn’t give him a chance to reply as she closed the door between them.

Ariyah returned to her studio to finish packing her tools. Sofia was picking her up so she and the other interior designer could go to the client’s apartment together.

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