2020-0719 – Ariyah

[Ariyah – Elysium – Cargo Section – BoL – A – PRE-RESET]

I’m afraid you stumbled upon old kindred talking about the past, Miss Daniels.

Ariyah shook her head at William’s comment, refuting his insinuation that the conversation might be boring. “It’s been interesting. I’ve only ever heard snippets about the London Court, and I definitely haven’t met any from there. Especially now, since the inquisition…”
Ariyah faltered as she realised that, for these Kindred, the fall of Mithras’ Court was probably very personal.
“It’s just interesting to hear how the different courts vary.” She finished feebly.

I would like to see what you draw some other evening.

“I sometimes attend these things called art jams,” Ariyah jumped at the chance to change the topic, “it’s these sessions held by art galleries and studios where people socialise while painting at the same time. That would be the best place to see my work that isn’t interior design related. Although I have to warn you, a lot of the attendees are less about the art and more about the alcohol being served.”
Ariyah didn’t add that sessions like those are her prefered place to hunt; wannabe artists can be so easy to impress – or flattered, depending on the individual. A follow-up one-on-one art lesson would set the stage for the perfect private meal.

Hearing how the Toreador Ancilla didn’t have a phone and how he was interested in getting back into the art business, Ariyah saw the perfect chance to be of some assistance to the older Rose.
“I don’t want to be presumptuous, but as you may already be aware, a lot of artists now has online portfolios; a way for prospective clients all over the world see your work and to contact you. If you need help in that department, I can always help you set that up as I did the website for my own company. Just have your friend message me, and we can have a more in-depth conversation about it.”

After that, Ariyah stayed a little longer, listening to the two Ancillae converse, before excusing herself to return to her haven. She’d made two new Kindred contacts, and earlier in the night she’d signed a rental agreement for a new art studio.
She felt her night had been very productive.

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