Letter from the Prince

The letter arrives via an unseen hand, through unknown means. But arrive it does, the envelope black as night, the seal gold as power. Within, a missive hand-penned in ink which gleams upon the page with the dull rich lustre of oil, or blood.

Ms. Daniels,

Your willingness to put yourself entirely at our service in the name of regaining the Tower’s opinion of you does you credit. Not nearly enough credit all on its own of course; you will indeed be required to put yourself at that service first, and succeed in demonstrating both your capabilities and your loyalties.

To that end, if your desire to lift the suspicion under which you must currently labor is genuine, you will proceed at your earliest convenience to Studio X in the downtown neighborhood, there to be met by a representative of the Tower who will instruct you in the use to which you are to be put in our service.

We recognize that you likely have other plans for your nights and can allow a night or two leeway before this meeting occurs; but our patience is not inexhaustible. We suggest you hurry.

In the name of the Prince

[ST Note: If Ariyah Daniels wishes to remove the Suspect: Camarilla flaw from her sheet, she will be given a task to perform in order to do so. Please ping @Taggie in #rp-coordination in order to OOC schedule the meeting with the Camarilla representative SPC.]

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