2020-0710 – Morrigan

[ Morrigàn, Elysium, BoL,A ]

Morrígan smiled “ah sorry if I caused confusion I myself am of an older faith and have never followed the Christian beliefs, so when I said Christian churches I was using plural but there are several different versions of that religion.” She takes the business card and examines it with interest before slipping open her bag and pulling out a card of her own it is simply a black card with silver writing. Her name and a number until you catch the card in the right light and there is a feint outline of a bird a crow you think.

“My friends shop is most definitely for the practitioners of the old faiths not the tourists, incense herbs, books on magick. Pretty much for mundane practioners. I my self am versed in the more esoteric side of things but not to the extent of say a Tremere.” Her hands deftly tuck your card away, “I would love to see some of your work sometime.”

She slips the purse back into her coat pocket and sips her drink noting to herself it’s not as pleasant as fresh stuff. Turning slightly to face Ariyah she asks “whom are your regular clients mortals or our kind?” There is genuine curiosity and interest in her voice her eyes are giving you there sole attention. There is a hardness in them ice blue eyes that seems to be lurking in the background as if wary about opening up but she seems to be trying to do so.

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