2020-0710 – Morrigan

[Morrigan, Elysium, BoL]

Smiling at her sincerity it seems to ease Morrigan a little “well to answer your first question as a mortal I came from what the pagan community call a Witch family, and since my embrace I have studied it more.” She thinks a little not as if being rude but as if trying to answer your next question. “well as you know the clans each have affinity for different gifts, though most can be used by all kindred with training and the right blood.“ again the pause “my own clan tend to be able to work with animals and even change shape into them, we are closer to our in beast you might say, your clan can be faster than lightning, or see with a sight that is beyond the norm and many are inhumanly alluring.”

“again these are not set in stone and may appear different depending on the individual” she stops as of expecting more questions. After a pause ”I would love that, and I may indeed get you in to do some work for me” it would be nice if she decided to stay. Her smile is warmer as if she admires your drive and your resoluteness.

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