Letter from the Prince

The letter arrives via an unseen hand, through unknown means. But arrive it does, the envelope black as night, the seal gold as power. Within, a missive hand-penned in ink which gleams upon the page with the dull rich lustre of oil, or blood.

Ms. Daniels,

We like our boat. We like it precisely as it is, and making the statement that it makes. If you see that statement as one of our ire, we certainly cannot be held responsible for your poor grasp of political reality, nor for your eminently clan-appropriate tendency to mistake that which is showy and extravagant as the embodiment of what is genuinely powerful.

We suggest you research the phrase “bread and circuses.”

We also suggest that in the future, you consider that we have on our staff those who are able to see all manner of nasty things… like little black stains upon one’s aura. We wonder if your mawla is aware of what naughtiness you’ve been up to and the poor judgment you are manifesting? We certainly are.

It is not your suggestions for redecorating our boat which offend us, Ms. Daniels. If you wish to regain our good opinion, you will have to prove your judgment is not quite so dangerously flawed as it seems currently.

In the name of the Prince

[ST Note: Ariyah Daniels gains the new sheet flaw ‘Suspect (Camarilla)’ for having come to Elysium with diablerie stains still evident in her aura. If she desires to redress this negative status, she can petition the Prince for a task to perform to prove loyalty. In the meanwhile, she can still come to Elysium, though another misstep will revoke that privilege as well.]

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