2020-0704 – Darien Carpenter

[Darien – BoL – Stunning – Boatlysium; Cargo Section – Dangerous Reputation – A ]

Darien’s rhythm is starting to return, falling into the routine of expressive and calculated movement. While you can see the shift, you don’t think it’s purely an act; it’s not born out of practice, but rather out of raw confidence. He readjusts his sitting position, flaring out his hip and generally accentuating his features to draw the eye to his assets. He’s still friendly though, you don’t get the feeling that this has suddenly turned predatory; his eyes still don’t wander, fixated on his partner in this mutual conversation.

He doesn’t respond verbally to Ariyah’s retort, instead choosing to giggle. It’s a fluttery sound, somehow managing to sound light while still retaining the quality of his voice. It’s a short exchange, however, as he moves the conversation on to the next topic, punctuating the transition with a sip.

“Well– you could always snap a picture. Draw from reference.” he suggests after swallowing, striking a vogue with the backside of his hand to frame his face as he sets down his beverage, a move that causes some of his hair to shift out of position. He uses the same hand to comb it back over his shoulder, the strands once again joining into that perfect velvety dark cascade. He weaves another fluid motion into the performance, taking a cursory glance at the room scuttling with a handful of kindred. “..No, not particularly. Heard some names, but. Nothing personal.” he admits, before readjusting his gaze once again to fall on Ariyah.

A buzz shakes the counter of the bar; Darien’s phone is yelling at him. He leans over to pick the thing up, momentarily glancing at the screen to see what all the ruckus is about. –Right, the rave.

Letting out a beleaguered sigh, his eyes drift back up. “I might have to cut this short; have to get ready for an event. Unless you’d like to come with?”

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