2020-0703 – Daniel Carpenter

[Darien – BoL – Stunning – Boatlysium; Cargo Section – Dangerous Reputation – A ]

The pat on the arm put Darien back into his paces oddly enough, whatever shyness previously bestowed upon him melting away with another award winning smile. He shakes it off, puttering out a light laugh. He offers a “Thanks.” in response, though you don’t get the impression he believes you.

He brings his beverage to his lips to take a sip before setting it back down on the bar’s countertop, a flourish to help alleviate some awkward tension from the situation. He indulges her request, pulling out his own phone to refresh his memory, parting off both his personal and work numbers. “–If you can’t reach me through either of those, I’m probably dead, or otherise…tied up.” The inflection leaves little to the imagination, and true to Darien’s general shamelessness he doesn’t seem to shy away from the implication. With that left on the table, he subsequently puts his phone down on the countertop.

Straightening out a bit, he makes a bit of confession. “I’m pretty aware that models like to look at themselves. Vanities and egocentrism, which I’m not saying I don’t have, but; I’ve never actually owned a portrait of myself. I don’t even hang pictures of myself.”

Giving the statement some time to settle in, he follows it up with; “And please don’t take that as me saying no. If you want one for your personal collection, I’d be happy to oblige. It’s just not something I’m very, uh– good at. Sitting still, I mean. Photo ops are pretty dynamic; you’re constantly moving and posing. Not sure if my hyperactive little mind could just be still for a few hours.”

Which does kind of line up; Darien has a predisposition to fidgeting and readjusting his outfits and sitting position, as if he’s constantly in a race to make himself look as presentable as inhumanly possible. A repositioning of the skirt here, a hair flip there; it’s all both intentional and calculated.

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