2020-0701 – Daniel Carpenter

[Darien – BoL – Stunning – Boatlysium; Cargo Section – Dangerous Reputation – A ]

Poor thing. he thought to himself, the girl’s general shyness becoming apparent. She really wasn’t extroverted, and that was the final nail in the coffin. While Darien did respect her wishes, giving her a single firm nod to confirm he’d do as much, he did want to clarify something. He adjusts his body language slightly, sitting straighter up and being somewhat more visible, as if to take the implication out of the words he says next.

“I wasn’t planning on involving cameras– just a few tips and tricks. The walk, the strut. That sort of thing.”
Darien’s demeanor made it rather clear there was nothing scandalous implied; he’d just genuinely wanted to teach someone the tools of the trade.

Ariyah’s next offer wasn’t exactly surprising to him; he’d gotten it quite frequently. Rather than attempt to look flattered or embarrassed or what have you, Darien’s features align more so with the expression of having received a gift.

“I’m always happy to model. If you’d want to publish it, I’d have to run it through my agent; have to protect the brand and all. No need to bring her into it if it’s just a private shoot, though.”

With that done with, Ariyah’s next request actually does manage to catch Darien off guard.
He’d spent a lifetime listening to the stories of others; whether it be his coworkers or whoever had decided to use him as arm candy for the night. Far and few between were the times that he actually had the opportunity to speak of himself, and as such he actually manages to stumble in the conversation, unsure of what exactly to say. His usual snappy responses are delayed, and they come with slightly less confidence than before.

“–Oh. Well, I read. Watch horror movies, as cliché as that sounds. Go to parties to put myself out there… truthfully modelling is the most interesting part of my life.”

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