2020-0630 – Darien Carpenter

[Darien – BoL – Stunning – Boatlysium; Cargo Section – Dangerous Reputation – A ]

There it was, the name he’d been searching for. He’d seen the name and the features attached to it pop up here and there on the web. Truth be told, she wasn’t half bad. But, although Darien happened to be a fellow Torrie, his taste in art was– less refined, to say the least. Clothes? Absolutely. Makeup? On lock. But he’d find just as much beauty in a spray painted wall as in a Rembrandt.
Keeping that in mind, he decides to keep it simple.

“…I thought I knew you from somewhere. I’ve seen your work; genuinely intriguing. I’m a fan.”

Darien’s general demeanor relaxes considerably, though the pose is still held. He allows his eyes to wander and his body to shift, expressing more emotion through pure body language. As it turned out, he and Ariyah had a lot on common; newly embraced with– domineering sires. He takes another sip; more relaxed, this time to whet the throat and prepare him for speech.

“Well, I’m glad you’ve found some comfort in me.” he says. It doesn’t seem to be taunting. Rather, the inflection implies it to be a genuine appreciation. “Darien Carpenter, and a rose by any other name.” He reaches out a hand of his own, svelte and lithe as the rest of him. Rather than shake, Darien more so places his hand in her own, an oddly gentle touch. Detaching from Ariyah’s appendage, Darien’s legs unravel as he places the opposite over his knee, looking around at the general state of the Floatlysium. He didn’t find it as egregious as Ariyah, not by a long shot. Still, he had to admit she had a point.

“It’s not glamorous, but. It has a certain charm.” he insists, gaze eventually settling back on Ariyah’s features. The plastic in his previous smile seems to have melted away, giving way to a more honest and warm expression.

“So– I take it you’re far from home?” Darien asks with a tilt of the head.

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