2020-0630 – Daniel Carpenter

[Darien – BoL – Stunning – Boatlysium; Cargo Section – Dangerous Reputation – A ]

Darien’s distracted trance was broken by the ruffling of clothing next to him. Then, the voice; someone was trying to make conversation. It felt nice, to be approached again. Shifting his weight on his stool, he brings his attention to Ariyah, legs crossed and hip flared, supporting his upper body with the edge of the bar.

His features barely betray his masculine nature, but his voice is another matter. He parts his lips, and a sound emerges that doesn’t match the frame. It’s deep, but not gravelly, with a flowery lilt. “Not that I know of–”
Darien’s eyes don’t drift; centered on the woman whom spoke the opening dialogue. They’d be unnerving, if it weren’t for the expressive nature of his visage; a little crease there, a slight smile there.

An addition to the act is the sip of their beverage, at long last. The cold had long since seeped from the blood in the container, but it was more so for the flair than anything else. Cradling it in both hands, he rests it in his lap, completing the pose at long last. From A to B in two trillion steps.

But something throws a wrench into this choreography, a squint of the eye followed by a flash of recognition. Darien knows the face that belongs to their fellow Toreador, but they can’t quite put a name to it. He doesn’t bring it up, though; it’d almost certainly be rude to bring it up, as if whatever they’re known for is so insignificant so as not to hold a space in his brain. So, he drops it.

“So.” Darien begins, getting straight to the point. “Are you just a natural extrovert, or did something over here catch your eye?”

There’s a certain blunt inflection to the statement, but it’s masked by the flowery and lilting nature of his speech patterns. Despite that, the words don’t sting; there’s no ice to them, as if they were offered as a genuine question.

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