Letter to the Prince

A letter is delivered to the Prince. The white envelope is lined with a grey, subtly patterned paper on the inside – outline of roses, as is to be expected – and the letter is black ink (written with some kind of nibbed pen) on heavy paper.

To the esteemed Prince of Seattle,

Sir, I write to you with a very humble suggestion.

Recently, I found myself with the opportunity to visit the new Elysium at Harbour Island.
While the cargo ship itself is quite secure, I wonder whether the interior might be missing a little of the brilliance that an Elysium – being the physical manifestation of the Ivory Tower – is expected to exude.

If the choice of decor is a manifestation of your displeasure at your Court, then I sincerely apologise for my ignorance and ask that you forget you ever received this letter.

If, however, your ire has passed or you are open to making some small changes to the Elysium, might I offer Your Grace my services?
I have some small skills at creating wall murals; illusions which can transform the interior of a haven into a sun-washed landscape, or a moonlit beach. I also work closely with a talented interior designer on a lot of my projects, and she can also provide her expertise. She is, of course, kine, but she is used to strange requests from her clients, and would not find our setting remarkable.

I know I am quite new to your court and only dare to make such presumptions due to my eagerness to offer my services to the Ivory Tower.

I can only hope I have not offended.

Yours sincerely,

Ariyah Daniels of Clan Toreador
Ward of Marvin Walker, Clan Ventrue

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