2020-0627 – Ariyah – Message from Marvin

[Ariyah – First Hill – Near Carl Anderson Park – BoL – NA]

Perhaps I should have called a Lyft after all.
Ariyah crossed the deserted street onto 11th Avenue.
It was getting late and there weren’t any pedestrians on the sidewalk. Nothing to distract her from her thoughts.

Now that she wasn’t immersed in

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2020-0627 – Ariyah – Waking and Feeding

[Ariyah – First Hill – Some rich client’s apartment – BoL – NA]

[Rouse check – BoL: Failure. Hunger 1–> 2]

Ariyah put down her paintbrush and stepped back from the wall.
She tilted her head as she scrutinised the large green foliage extending down from the ceiling to the middle of the snow coloured

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