Colostle – Session 3

In my rush to scale the mountain, I was not as mindful of my surroundings as I should have been.
One second I was scrambling up a mountain slope, and the next, a sizeable body rushed me wielding a large blade aimed at my throat!

I back-pedalled, and my feet slipped on the loose rocks

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Colostle – Session 2

– 9 of ♣️: A clue to the next step on your quest
– 2 of ❤️: Easy prey for food

It has been days since I’ve left Colander’s Room, and I’ve trekked through miles of the Corridor Pass without seeing neither hide nor hair of a large army marching through.

There’s been game

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Colostle – Session 1

– Ace of ♦️ (armed stranger in unusual robes)
– 4 of ♣️ (ruins – mostly rubble, draw EVENT card)
– EVENT card: King of ♠️ (create/repair something)

On my way out of Colander’s Room, I encountered a member of the Thousand Blinded. This cult worships the blind centipede and imbibes the centipede’s secretions

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Colostle – Session 0

Character Information1This will be added to and updated as the game progress. For now, some details may be incomplete as I haven’t gotten the character fully fleshed out in my mind yet.

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